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  1. So first of all, I can see how the reader in the video is similar to this, but even if it could write to the tape(virtually impossible in Vanilla minecraft), it'd still have massive limitations, mostly due to the pistons. Pistons can only push something like 12 blocks at a time, so that would mean that your tape would not have the capacity to be much longer. So each and every time you run out of tape, you have to make a new one of those devices - with my device, you can build it sideways, for all I care, and it'll still work. As for any possible uses, I was thinking that it could be used as a kind of "hard drive" for advanced redstoners with computer-building skills, or for less-advanced options, it could store things like times tables, or records of what happened, that kind of thing. I started on building this with the idea of making a very basic trigonometry calculator in mind.
  2. Calling all redstone nerds gurus! Have you ever had an issue with memory? Say you're making some kind of system that needs a LOT of memory. Maybe a computer, a game, something. If you need to store over, say, 32 bits, this might be for you: Meet the BBM device, or Block-to-Bit Memory Storage Device, capable of storing memory in what is arguably the most efficient method possible. This is beyond those handy RS latches, beyond toggle gates, beyond most other forms of memory. The system is a fairly simple concept, but actually much harder to wire up than it may seem. But first, to understand how it works and what exactly it does, we have to go back to basics. If you're reading this, you probably know what a repeater is, right? And how it transfers power, right? There's a very useful property of repeaters - be it block or wire, they transfer a redstone "charge" to whatever is in front of them - if it can be charged. Transparent blocks, such as air or glass, cannot be charged, but something like stone or marble bricks can be. Here's the catch - the "charged" blocks power whatever is near them too, but only if it's something like another repeater or a wire. This means that it's possible to detect if a block is in between a space or not. But we've had this technology for ages, even in Vanilla Minecraft. What use could this possibly be put t- Oh. OK, so you can have a small array of repeaters set up. The repeaters on one side power blocks, if they're there, and repeaters on the other side input to colored wires, which run into a bundled cable... So you can detect large strings of blocks. That's nice. But unless you can, you know, somehow move your repeaters, you can't do anything wit- Aw hell yeah. Yes indeed, the entire thing is made out of frames, and powered by two Inchworm-class drives. Using a kind of blocky "tape", the device can slide along said tape, allowing for the mass reading of arrays of blocks - each space that a block could be in is a bit, each row of blocks is a byte. The demo I built was supposed to be 8-bit, but I somehow screwed it up and made 9-bit memory instead. So that's nice. But this is memory, right? Unless you're making ROM, it's only truly useful if you can read AND write memory. Did I mention that aside from the read module, on the "carriage", as I'll refer to it from now on, has a write module too: You can't see it too well, it's at the very top. The general idea is that there's 9 block breakers and 9 deployers, each and every one of them individually controlled. It never runs out of marble for the bits either - the block breakers' outputs are fed directly into the deployers via pneumatic tube. When you want to write a bit, you deploy a block. When you want to erase a bit, you break a block. Some more images: This is a view of the "tape" that the BBM reads and writes to - the rails that the carriage run along can be easily extended such that the memory can be extended with ease. This is the master control panel. The two center red buttons control vertical movement, the buttons on the sides control whether you place a block or destroy a block (for the write module), and the white lamps on the top are the output of the read module. As you can see, the carriage runs on a series of wires that send information and resources to the carriage - signals to go up and down, control information for the write module, read module output, and a bluetricty cable to power the inchworm drives. All this could probably be condensed a LOT. Important Facts: The carriage moves at a pace of 1 block every two seconds, hence the name of its propulsion system, the "inchworm" drive. Because of this, I recommend usage of BBM type memory as non-RAM memory - it is best used for writing programs/codes to a large computer system. This design is only a prototype, and is a simple proof of concept. It is not designed to be used in anything major, hence it is rather bulky. Future versions can be made far more compact, and possibly faster. There are 16 different kinds of colored wires, and 16 types of colored bundled cables. This means that it is possible to make a memory system with capacity for a 256 bit system. WORLD DOWNLOAD: Located on the PlanetMinecraft project page, for simplicity's sake. Link: PlanetMinecraft: BBM Memory Questions? Comments? Ideas on how to improve the design? By all means, ask your questions and tell me your comments, either here or through a PM!
  3. ...That would tend to explain my difficulties. It works great now. Thanks!
  4. No, he is actually right - there are only 32 different tic-tac-toe solutions, more or less. But there are THOUSANDS of possible non-winning combinations. So I got around to testing this, but I can't get it to work - I can't place the repeaters. How did you place your repeaters/covers?
  5. I'm not necessarily talking about the launcher, just the modpacks themselves. Not the Spout launcher, or the FTB launcher, but FTB itself, and Technic/Tekkit.
  6. Please read the entirety of any post before you post a comment on it. Otherwise, you'll miss things like the above, which I stated very clearly. I am not looking for a debate, just the opinions of others. I just want to know what others think of the different packs.
  7. First of all, I AM NOT CONSIDERING SWITCHING TO FTB WHATSOEVER! Do not accuse me of converting! So I've noticed that there's a small crowd of people that have started using FTB, or Feed the Beast modpack. I have tried it, and personally don't like it - no OptiFine, and it had some of the more "useless" mods in it - sure, Portal Gun, as an example, is a nice trinket to play around with for a while, but it's not very useful outside of adventure maps. When I tried FTB, I just didn't like it too much on the sense that there wasn't much decision on game balance or what went into it - it felt like a bunch of mods were just chucked into a gravel block of mods. So I'm asking the Technic Community this one: What do you think of Technic/Tekkit, what do you think of FTB, and why? Please, keep it kind, I just want an honest opinion from the community, rather than a thread full of guys on either side flinging metaphorical poo at each other.
  8. I just had one of those "Why the heck didn't I think of that?!" moments. Thank you so much. I could've done the screen with X's and O's in white! I'm still not entirely familiar with microblocks, so I didn't know you could have a repeater and a slab/whatever it's called above it. I'm going to have to try this. Thanks!
  9. Maybe I will build connect four, but first I have to figure out how to light precise areas with red wire.
  10. A long time a go, in a galaxy far, far awa- forget it, this isn't Star Wars, this is Tic-Tac-Toe! To this day, I haven't seen a Tic-Tac-Toe map made specifically for Technic Pack. I even searched for it, but to no avail. Anyways, this a machine that allows you to play Tic-Tac-Toe. So what does it have? Full sized screen. I'm afraid I haven't worked out X's yet, but O's are petty good! Anti-cheating. If you try to trick the computer into putting an X and an O in the same square, you forfeit your turn! Turns - While you may not think of it as much, the computer won't allow you to make a move if it's not your turn! It even tells you when it is, cheater! Win/Lose/Tie Detection - There are thousands of different ways for a game of tic-tac-toe to end (seriously), and the computer knows all of them. Seriously. Anyways, it can tell the difference between a win and a tie! Frame Assistance - if you can't reach the buttons for some reason, press a button! Frames with ladders will rise up to guide you in your grand button-pressing scheme! Screenshots: Player 2 won! Oh, that's diamond on the right. That's just some of the wiring for the screen. It's an outdated pic - now there's the win/lose detector at the back as well. The memory for half of the device. It stores your moves, determines if they're valid, and then activates the right wires if the move is. An outside view of the game room. Download link, about two more photos, and other misc. information (such as the texture pack I used or the time it took to build this) are on the project page for it on Planet Minecraft: Planet Minecraft - Tic-Tac-Toe
  11. No, far from it. Just a little interested - it seems that the rate of topic degradation on these forums is exponential.
  12. I read the comments, but how did this degenerate into a discussion over mobile browsers?
  13. Sorry about that, I didn't notice that - I've always gone to the "Technic" tab at the top of the site (not my browser). I know, but it's still pretty bad considering that this ad was deliberately designed to look like a fake download link.
  14. I can't find a "site" subcategory, or anywhere to post this to, so I suppose I'll put it here. I've been seeing some extremely deceptive ads on the main page, Technicpack.net - right below the most blog post/status update, there's an ad there. Now usually I use an ad blocker (I never click on ads anyways, and I can't find a rule against it), so when I went on to my iPhone to see if Technic Pack had been updated yet, I found an extremely deceptive ad (note: There is no version optimized for mobile devices, so the ad would show up on a PC too): I don't have a picture at the moment (it's gone, but it'll come back), but it said "DOWNLOAD NOW!", then below that, two buttons, one that said "Free Trial", and the other saying "Full version: [price]", or something to that effect. Since there are no download buttons on the main page (thanks, freakachu!), to someone who had just found Technic/Tekkit, it might look like you had to pay for it. The entire ad is just a picture by the way. The buttons don't work (I tested it). I don't know if the guys who run/own the site have control over the ads or not (probably not), but I still think that someone should know that there are those kind of scams for ads on the Technic Pack website.
  15. Thanks for telling me that... I only just noticed that in the Redpower Update Log. It's listed here.
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