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  1. IGN:stijnhero Age:16 Why would you like to join our community? I just would really like a stable hexxit server for me and my friend and this one looks like the best and mature one. Have you read, and agree to all of our rules? yes i have. Do you know how to install the Hexxit Mod Pack? i'm an experianced java programmer so yes and i can even help you with your problems(used to make minecraft mods still hosting a big server and now following a game developers study)
  2. Hello, and welcome to StoneVoltz! StoneVoltz is one of my new minecraft server project. (Check my old site for my old server: stonecraft.site40.net) Why do i want to host a server? Well, i like technology like things and i've hosted a server before but had to shut it down because of personal problems. Also i'm getting sick of those voltz servers that say NO LAG 24/7 and they still crash every second. Where are we aiming for? A good and friendly community, few rules, no lag(i'll try), 24/7, fun for people and ofcourse become the biggest server! A bit about me: I'm a young programmer, i like c++ and java. I've hosted a big minecraft server before this one and i know alot about being a good admin and i know alot about java. So i can fix bugs not like other admins that say:"i think i know what the bug is" next day you see they refreshed the map. I'm aiming for people to enjoy their stay on this server, And i think i speak for all admins/ server owners make some cash during. Once Voltz will be ported to Bukkit i will add some plugins. Okay so now for the server details and rules: Removed mod: Mystcraft, why? creating a new world makes a lot of lagg and can start to annoy otherpeople. also most of these world created will take lots of hard disk space. Imagine 100 users creating 1 world at the same time. Banned items: lightning rod crashes server. Tier 2 and 3 Factory corrupts map. Rules: (1. No bug abuse, like duping glitching and that sort of stuff. (2. No swearing, flaming and raging. Pretty easy rule to follow. (3. No hacking like: X-Ray, flying and wall hacks. (4. Treat other players with respect. (5. Have fun!! Also, our admins and moderators will be fully undercover because i like to play survival my self. IP: IP CHANGED! Commands: /sethome /home /summon [playername] /tell [playername] message /warp [warpname] Server specs: 8 gigs of ram i7 intel proccesor 1gig upload speed 1gig download speed Will add pictures later! Form to fill in to apply for moderator: (1. IGN: (2. Age: (3. First time joined the server: (4. Why do you want to be a mod: (5. What do you think that makes you a good moderator:
  3. DICK DICK DICK, your good arnt you. banning people for no reason nuking your own server, nuking peoples bases, killing them i hope others see this, you serously cud of picked anyone but noooo get us the guys who played on this server for 3 day non stop haha say you want a big server, no chance acting like that

  4. You never logged in on my server probably once and you play on another server so I can't trust you.
  5. IF you are using bukkit it means you ported the mods. wich means you edited mods without approval and i think some mods had copyright on them. good luck.
  6. I'm awere of those problems and I'm fixing it i just installed forgebukkit mod so thats why i got some glitches sorry!
  7. they just banned me for pointing out this server isnt bukkit. I'm reporting to staff for fake title
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