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  1. you dont need to replace it just let de mod make the gzip
  2. on my server i use lockette. in lockette you can manage the items that can be protected.
  3. did you restart the whole server? because then it making a new gzip and that should work
  4. i did had the same error what i did was to remove the railcraft.dat in the world file and it worked. i heard i can cause empty inventorys but tell you friend to put it in a chest.
  5. Name- Dyamahl Age- 18 Do you have hamachi?- yes i got it Ign- Dyamahl Company Name (If you want one) - want to be a company member ! able to record!
  6. i got this on my server you can control most mobs and can set the explosief of the creeper off http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/safe-creeper/
  7. it wont affect other computer since you only need to port forwarding that pc with the ip adress
  8. Can u add me to you're server my Minecraft is wolf50567

  9. i to get that msg but i dont really pay attention to it because the server stays running but you can turn that msg of in bukkit.yml turn warn-on-overload off and then it wont show anymore
  10. it really works fine tryd it today and im loving this plugin
  11. i really need a plugin that if the player places the block someone else can't break it
  12. what a good protection plugin for tekkit and is easy to config?
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