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  1. shit sorry....... IGN: cpt001 AGE IRL: 15 Experience with tekkit: bout a year and a half what does the big signboard say at the spawn: shop. derp :P
  2. IGN: cpt001 Age: 16 Project you plan to build: I typically build extremely large tekkit castles, that when i get the resources, show damn near everything the mod has to offer. -- also on that note, i have some pretty badass pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/ohmqE Minecraft experience: playing since infdev, took a big break between alpha 1.2 and beta 1.5... Tekkit experience: started bout a year ago, and got seriously hooked... most of the servers I've joined however, have shut down, or i cannot reconnect to. --weak areas-- magic (EE) and red power computers. Why you want to join the s
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