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  1. I did some more research on the Deployers i found out that they should work so i just re-installed Redpower and now they work Thankies :3
  2. They can't :/ they see the buckets as items and instead of source blocks or something, nothing will happen :/
  3. Hey i just wanted to know if there is a machine that works just like the 1.3 minecraft dispensers where if you put a bucket of water/lava in it pours out the liquid. The only reason i want this is so i don't have to manually pour oil buckets in the tank. But use waterproof pipes instead, if there is anyway to let pipes or machines empty buckets in tank directly that would be good too. No, i won't go search for oil and then use a Pump to get it, the whole point is to use EE2 to clone oil/water buckets in a energy condenser and put them in a tank. Thank you.