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  1. The creator of GregTech is obviously an arrogant asshole who's just jumping on the bandwagon of hate. Funny thing is, most FTB players don't want it in the pack and the people who want it confuse "difficulty" with "tedium".

    Yeah, it needs a bit of reworking. It should be something that expands Industrialcraft beyond its current end-game instead of something that pushes the entry further back.

  2. many. The multiplayer was terribad for a long time. Early minecarts had a tendency to clip into something and go flying off at high speeds.

    There was even a period of time right at the beginning where player inventories weren't server-side, right? I remember something like that.

  3. currently there aren't any other known security issues with FTB's launcher or server. while the FTB guys seem pretty quick to fix issues as they arise, their track record in terms of number of errors that they've had to scramble to fix is not comforting. if you're just playing some casual MC with your buddy, you're most likely going to be fine though.

    That's good to hear. I just want to play Minecraft with all the newest whizzles and wozzles - whether it be Tekkit or FTB - all this drama is ridiculous!

    How is it that modded virtual legos has turned into politics?

  4. Oh my god why are you all still using illegal Tekkit, everyone knows the Feed the Beard modpack is

    1) up to date

    2) has permissions from all the barbers

    also I heard from a friend who heard it from a friend who saw it on the radio that yogscast is going to switch to feed the beard so that's pretty much it for tekkit I guess

  5. As another note, cracked stone bricks can be created by placing stone bricks near lava and water.

    I quite like this, there should be more scenarios where blocks can change depending on their environment.

  6. Come on now, I hate adfly but still respect the guy's work... if he doesn't want people distributing his work, then live by that. Either abide by his terms, or don't use his textures.

    It's the principle of the thing. No modding community is as childish as Minecraft's. What happened to modding being a labour of love? Christ on a stick it's like baby's first law school over on the Minecraft forums.

    But yeah, if he doesn't want his work to garner attention we should just stop giving it attention.

  7. You are Breaking the BDCraft License

    -4- Can I use some of your textures in a remix-pack that I will release?

    NO - even if you credit me for the textures used.


    Your are including the BDCraft Texture Pack, in your download which is against the LEGAL License of the Texture Pack

    His terms are ridiculous. Another little kiddo obsessed with his adfly pennies.

    Sure is a good thing that nothing on that page is legally binding.

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