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  1. The new design looks great. You've stolen my heart without permission.
  2. Yeah, it needs a bit of reworking. It should be something that expands Industrialcraft beyond its current end-game instead of something that pushes the entry further back.
  3. To be completely serious I actually enjoy the depth Gregtech adds. (Been playing on a friend's FTB server running the Mindcrack pack) It's not everyone's cup of tea but I'm a fan of anything that pushes the endgame further away in a reasonable way. It's a shame Greg is such a doodoo head.
  4. Fun fact: You can experience all the fantastic additions of gregtech without installing gregtech by breaking both of your hands before attempting to build anything in IndustrialCraft. Enjoy!
  5. An actual guess could seriously undermine my attempt at comedy so I will have to respectfully decline.
  6. OP, the solution is to do everything correctly next time. Do I win?
  7. You should put Better Than Wolves in the Technic launcher as well!
  8. FC owns the copyrights for windmills so it is illegal to depict them in you own mods, and he had BWF shut down. Also sued Holland, Holland is gone now.
  9. There was even a period of time right at the beginning where player inventories weren't server-side, right? I remember something like that.
  10. That's good to hear. I just want to play Minecraft with all the newest whizzles and wozzles - whether it be Tekkit or FTB - all this drama is ridiculous! How is it that modded virtual legos has turned into politics?
  11. Can you elaborate on these issues? A friend of mine runs a FTB server that I'd like to start playing on once Redpower is included but if there are security issues I'm not putting that launcher anywhere near my PC.
  12. It's my secret plan to infiltrate the technic forums and get everyone banned. Don't tell anyone!
  13. Oh my god why are you all still using illegal Tekkit, everyone knows the Feed the Beard modpack is 1) up to date 2) has permissions from all the barbers also I heard from a friend who heard it from a friend who saw it on the radio that yogscast is going to switch to feed the beard so that's pretty much it for tekkit I guess
  14. Minecraft modding community, ladies and gentlemen.
  15. The obvious solution is to just have the technic launcher always running in the background. In fact, I would recommend having it run at startup. Multiple times.
  16. I quite like this, there should be more scenarios where blocks can change depending on their environment.
  17. I'm alarmed that puns that tick so many people off are allowed here.
  18. Someone on the BDCraft forums is saying that the issues with items in-hand looking wrong is a bug with the Forge 4096 ID patch, so if you can't fix it it's probably not your fault.
  19. It's the principle of the thing. No modding community is as childish as Minecraft's. What happened to modding being a labour of love? Christ on a stick it's like baby's first law school over on the Minecraft forums. But yeah, if he doesn't want his work to garner attention we should just stop giving it attention.
  20. His terms are ridiculous. Another little kiddo obsessed with his adfly pennies. Sure is a good thing that nothing on that page is legally binding.
  21. Will you be maintaining the 128x pack as well, or just the 64x one?
  22. Engines that shoot bees. It will always be bees, because Sengir fantasizes about commanding a bee army. This is true.
  23. I haven't noticed any 7.2 bugs so annoying that it makes using this texture pack less enjoyable, enjoy your vacation leddy.
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