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  1. I don't think it does. Did he talk directly to Notch/Jeb before modifying their code? The whole spirit of modding is sharing ideas, not locking down your creation so you can get adfly pennies.
  2. It won't be included in Technic and probably will never be, but you can install it yourself.
  3. The odd textures and missing bits looked suspiciously like an optifine bug and not one with the texture pack.
  4. 66.66666666666666666666... Stop understating others accomplishments.
  5. 66.7, stop overstating your accomplishments.
  6. I like black metal too, but I find the aesthetic and subject matter to be more comedic than dark. Except maybe Watain, those guys are nuts.
  7. You say that now, but just wait until all the goth teenagers figure out how to summon demons. Schools will never be safe again. But seriously, the darkest I get is Lovecraft. This kind of stuff is a lot better as fiction anyway.
  8. I'm using the 128x texture pack, Nether Ores textures aren't working properly: Oddly, the correct textures are in the zip file. (NetherOresSprites folder)
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