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  1. Big necro, but the man has a point, this was my fav. vanilla pack.
  2. I went through a portal between two pillars of stone bricks, which took me to 2 intersecting corridors with iron doors, outside was the same substance the portal was made of (sort of blue/ light blue swirly stuff). Being curious, I broke the door and stepped into the stuff, when I did it teleported me to a world with no lighting, a huge red eye in the sky, and huge floating dominoes with eyes that open if you look at them. If they open fully, you are teleported to somewhere else in that world.
  3. Title: Freezes when loading worlds Version: 1_0_3 OS: OSX 10.7.5 Java Version: (build 1.7.0_25-b15) It says version 7 update 25 also. Description of Problem: Okay, so I'm back after about 1 year of not playing Technic Pack, so I reinstall everything, get Sphax and Optifine in there, go to load my first world aaaaaaaaaaand it freezes. It seems to freeze permanently, saying building world, or loading world or something like that, no loading bar, it stays like that. However using Mac equivalent of Task Manager, it is still responding Error Messages: N/A Error Log: N/A
  4. The mutual lack of intellect seems a key factor in your suggestion.
  5. If they have forestry on their server, then its all good, if they dont, then that may be why you cant connect.
  6. Try redownloading the launcher and clearing the cache, if it was trying to connect to minecraft.net then it wouldnt be at the mojang screen, it would still be on the launcher screen.
  7. This thread has got a lot more people on it than I expected. And I also expected most of you to have bought it in Alpha/Beta and not recently.
  8. Look at some of direwolf20's stuff, I think he does a good tutorial.
  9. How many bugs/glitches did it have back then?
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