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  1. Ping! If you need some help with your oCD port, PM me (or hop on IRC @ irc://esper.net/neersighted and say my name)

  2. If someone would be willing to create a World that showcases all the blocks that are in Tekkit, I would be willing to credit it to them if used for the showcasing of this Texture Pack.
  3. It is quite funny to see it say "KilinGhost1 is following you".

  4. It's okay, I am taking forever to get them out so I would have asked as well!
  5. I will, I just needed a quick post for it.
  6. This is the new thread for the oCd Texture pack modified for Tekkit, see the old one here oCd for Tekkit v?.?? I would explain what this texture pack is and all the things about it but you should be able to tell what it is from what has already been said. Images will be uploaded later. Download for the latest version will always be here*. Gallery of Edits to the Texture Pack made since I took control of the Texture Pack: NOTE: THERE ARE EDITS TO THIS TEXTURE PACK THAT ARE NOT SHOWN ABOVE, THIS EDITS WHERE FROM BEFORE I TOOK OVER AND I DO NOT WISH FOR CREDIT TO BE T
  7. I have never played Technic so I do not know what mods are in there... I might do it once this is finished, depends on if I have time.
  8. New version I fixed the IC2 ores (Seemed to be in there from the start) plus I have edited some of the machines in red-power. Enjoy!
  9. Drat! You found the loophole! ...but are you really severely displeased at my edits to the texture pack?
  10. I have added some more to it and zipped it up. Download my updated version pack here. Changelog - Improperly textured Nether Ore + Properly textured Nether Ore + Ocdified some amour + Block textures for Red Power and likely some other things I forgot! Note: by downloading you agree to not get angry at any missing content, wrong content or annoying content in your current, and any future, downloads from any and all websites and server owned and/or ran by DemeGeek plus any downloads on any website or server as long as they are provided by DemeGeek.
  11. hey, a question. if you do end up working on disco's tekkit pack, i wouldent mind doing some railcraft and mabey even an update for some of technic. thanks.

    1. DemeGeek


      Sure! If you would be willing, I would love to for you to do the railcraft mod. Send it to me once it is finished and I'll merge it into the texture pack.

  12. Hey, I know this is an old topic (sorry for the bump) but is this still being worked on? If so, do you need any help completing? I can work on a mod or two to add in. If not, can I take over? Thanks!
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