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  1. No, Smurf. I'm just going to make a texture pack and leave the most glaringly obvious blocks out.
  2. Oh! Whoops, thanks for pointing that out! The alloy wire that's used to make the blocks glow made the other redstone affected blocks act up. http://bludragon.streamofbytes.net/misc/oCd-pack-tekkit.zip Well here is version 2, it includes the textures I've posted above, and some I may have missed from IC2, as that picture doesn't feel like I got all of them
  3. Hm, I don't know to be honest. Could release a version as is, that is if you could stand the clashing Minecraft/oCd textures
  4. Only area I have with all the plants, sorry. Getting those seeds are a bitch even with NBTedit. Intersting things to note with IC2: I've updated some of the textures so you can tell the difference between certain blocks easier, and to make them make more sense (I'm looking at you pump.) Also, all generators now tell you if they are generating power with a little icon on the side, useful if you don't play with sound or are too far to hear it. As a side note for this, solar panels take a little while to turn from inactive to active. Need to update Copper and Tin now that I know which copper and tin textures are used for the overworld.
  5. Sure! Lemme just Transparentize the new textures. I forgot to do that last time, which is why there's a nice magenta cross between the tablet and condenser.
  6. A work in progress extention for FVDisco's oCd texture pack. As you can see, not a whole lot is done right now (and not all those crops are grown, whoops!). Thankfully Disco's pack is simple, so adding the rest of the blocks should be easy. This started as my friend watching a video with someone using the texture pack showing off their retractable hidden minecart bridge, then asking me to make the textures for Tekkit since he refuses to play vanilla. Right now, most of the EE blocks, most of the nether ores, the metal chests, and a small bit of IC2 has been done.