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  1. IP: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Website: kittenwar.com Rules: Be courteous to others Use Common Sense No Hacked Clients Description: You ever have dreams of playing all your favorite games in Minecraft? Well even if you didn't you now can. This is a minigame server with many hand coded gametypes you wont find anywhere else. These minigames try to provide a exclusively unique experience that will be entertaining to all. This experience is brought to you with no mods required. You just join and choose a game and play. Everything is server side. This server is still very new and the Owner is ironing out some issues. The planned goal is that the server will be 24/7 with a 99.99% uptime. If you join please check out these games: PropHunt BlockHunt (Modified Version Of PropHunt, See yourself) Suicide Survival (Modified Version Of PropHunt, Suicide And Explode) Wonderland (A Unique Maze Type Puzzle game) Gameboy (Play 3 Original GameBoy Games) Legends Of Ragnarok (Factions Based Warfare) Tetris VVVVVV (WIP) Pac-Man Mario Portal (WIP) Doom (WIP) More To Come.... Images:
  2. Due to recent changes within bukkit our server is actually gonna fully go offline until the future release of the either the spout server is finished or until the minecraft api is released depending which one gets the plugins i need first. Sorry for the inconvenience of the people following my server.
  3. Found to down falls of that. It is a server side mod which means you cant be using bukkit or anything else with it. The second would be it is in a closed paid beta. Those two things put together means we will prolly never get it unless, there is a bukkit or spout version of it made as i stated before. Edit if you want to continue talking plz move to the website and pm me there. Us talking here keeps bumping my whitelisted server. Therefore i will not be answering any more comments here.
  4. @moderngamer327 TMAC is an abbreviation for a clan me and my best friend created around 1999, that was originally in UT99. It stands for The Mess Around Clan. You would need to find a spout or bukkit equivalent of that mod at either bukkit.org or spout.org and post this suggestion under the server suggestions on the website. Once the server opend we will have a bunch of anti-cheat things on to counter x-ray and other hacked client abilities. We are still doing alot of testing with Bukkit 1.4.5-R0.3 because we want to have the server updated to that, but there is a possibility we will be stuck on 1.4.5-R0.2 for a while due to a massive change in the bukkit api where they versioned nms and obc packages. A lot of plugins use nms for alot of features that the bukkit api doesn't provide which made a lot of plugins break. Once all plugins working on that we will be updating the server more. Also with 1.4.6 (The new years update) coming soon it may delay the reopening of the server.
  5. @moderngamer Currently we only have custom items and some bukkit plugins Flans mod is a client side mod which for now on we are trying to stay away from. Once we move over to spoutengine, we will be haveing many more mods like buildcraft and such, but there is still a couple of months before that happens.
  6. @etraxeon You will continue getting that errors for 1 of 2 reasons. 1) You are trying to use the technic launcher that runs at 1.2.5 and my server is running 1.4.5. Which if you read previous comments you would know we are moving away form tekkit due to griefing problems since our server is too big. or 2) It is because my server is currently white listed for maintenance Please keep an eye on the server at tmachq.net. Also an eta for the server opening back to public can be found at: LINK @moderngamer327 Good to here you want to stay. An eta for the reopening can be found at: Link Feel free to sign up at: tmachq.net and post a reply over at: Link so we won't remove you off lists. @all who do not want to go to the website The eta for the reopening of the server is going to be by Christmas day at 5pm pst. The server is going to be running bukkit version 1.4.5-R0.3 Bukkit is a vanilla mod where you can join with with the normal Minecraft client. You will not be able to join with the Technic launcher since the Technic launcher runs at 1.2.5 We will also have spout plugin enabled which will most likely have two of our worlds require Spoutcraft. Eventually the server may require Spoutcraft period to join. Spoutcraft in junction with Spout plugin allows for custom items and such. For the final to do list for when the server will open please refer to: LINK
  7. The server will be going whitelisted for around a month starting today, 11/8/12, For now with new games coming out and everything during the fall gaming season, i do not have the time to host a tekkit server due to all the items that do not log which can cause griefing. This will mean the server will be down for around 2 months or so then reinstated as a vanilla server on 1.4.2. There will still be this major ranking system and all the worlds though the worlds will most likely be reset again. I will be putting a approximation countdown on tmachq.net for when the server will be back up. A vanilla server is easier to handle since plugins can stop griefing on a vanilla servers. Also once the vanilla server opens all worlds will be opened including the RPG_World (hopefully). Once the server goes down this forum post will be inactive until the server comes back up which will just to post the new forum topic where the server will be posted at. Thank you all for playing on our server and I know we will lose just about everyone, but this will just be easier on us admins that like to do other things rather then watch the worlds 24/7 and having to ban around 10 people a day for griefing. Also the new server will have the banned players list reset. Which means everyone can get back on the new server. Please look for the new server once it comes back public.
  8. Changes: +New Banned Items Ring of Ignition Zero Ring Ring of Arcana Void Ring Harvest Goddess Band Archangel's Smite Hyperkinetic Lens Gravity Greaves Hurricane Boots These items should be about the last of the protection breaking items. These items should not be noticed since some of these were useless with some of the current protections.
  9. even to have the survival world you must still have the Trusted_Builders rank which allows access to the Builders and Survival. In that fact we can not promote any one at the current time until further investigation.
  10. currently we can not promote you to Trusted_Builder due to a recent mole in the rank that griefed the builders world. I will keep you posted.
  11. @lukeb28 i see you on the website with the minecraft name of elitehater28 correct? If so i can try to make you a trusted soon.
  12. Changes: + Future Planned Changes area on the tekkit forum post on website. Future planned changes: Add a new way to handle tekkit permissions to allow for less banned items for even members below Trusted_Builders. --The new planned way for this is to completely have the fakes users deopped instead and have each person need to use /trust [modname] in their claim to allow the fake users to make changes to only their claim. This will allow unbanning quarries and a few other items for all. Currently this is implemented for the people that the items aren't suppose to be banned for. This should also fix the explosion ban as well. A example is of this is /trust [redpower] to allow block breakers and frames.
  13. changes: *Old Website has all of the minecraft stuff removed The new website is up and ready for signups. If you have signed up on the old website come and sign up at the new one. Also if you never been on neither of our websites come and check it out and sign up at: TMACHQ.NET
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