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  1. he can't make a Tekkit version because Thaumcraft is a big part of this and its not smp yet
  2. Thanks for the help,My lag spikes have gone down, A couple of things for the map creator, I do understand it is a work in progress but Can you change the wood Posts in the starting area to ether Fences or Nether Brick Fences because some people(like me) like to see it all symmetrical and to make the wood Posts is hard to make in the beginning plus I don't know if you have added Brick to make the Coke Oven In the Nether, the stairs near the bottom you can see this http://img267.imageshack.us/img267/6144/20120229110452.png if you move it out one block and do the same with the other blocks b
  3. Lies , don't need all of them for example Not Enough Items, MAtmos and Somnia I would like to know what mods to switch off without breaking the map
  4. I'm getting lag spikes ever 5 seconds and it is annoying me (due to technic pack). So I am just wondering what mods are essential for this map because I am switching off mods I don't need or use. Thanks in advance
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