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  1. Second (i split them up) Macerate blaze rods (have condenser set to blaze rods, pneumatic tube them into a rotary macerator powered by an LV solar and batbox. Pneumatic tube the powder into the condenser. I set this up on my server and made 40 diamond blocks in a few hours of playing.
  2. Two recommendations. 1: 2 condenser, 6 filters, 8 tubes, ~10 redstone, timer, 3 deployers and 3 cows. trap the cows in place, put deployers facing the cows. Put a filter (targeting milk buckets) taking out of the deployer, into a tube and into the condenser. Set condenser to empty buckets, have a filter taking empty buckets out of the condenser and back into the deployer. Set up 3 or these, 2 sharing 1 corner and 1 on top. set it so if there is no room for buckets in the first condenser they will go into the second condenser. Set that to whatever you want. Wire up everything (filters and deplo
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