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  1. Is today ineligible day? I've now seen a couple of posts which have me completely baffled. I'm guessing he's posted something and it's been deleted. Is that right?
  2. Adding this just makes people not want to help. Also it's 'when' not 'whaen'.
  3. OP - did you solve your issue? Mod Edit: This does not count as a bump. I edited out the part where he told someone off for threadjacking, since that person was apologetic. Thread cleaned.
  4. I'm not posting to help, I just wanted to see more posts by the OP. He is highly entertaining.
  5. There are no separate smp/ssp mods in 1.3.2. It's combined, so a mod will either work for both or neither.
  6. The current release of logistic pipes works just fine on 1.3.2. However there are other mods that have to be updated before the technic pack gets updated to 1.3.2
  7. I won't subscribe. But I'll comment. Please leave these forums you caps spamming, shit video posting monkey toucher.
  8. I'm also a Custom Luncher. Some days I'll have a sandwich, and on other days I'll have something else!
  9. Apologies for the 'R word' but you really are a retard. If you honestly believe that then why are you hanging around here? Or do you just enjoy spouting shit?
  10. Top tip: Type 'How do I add mods to Tekkit' into either Google or the search bar on this forum. You'll be amazed at what you find.
  11. I feel like I should respond with a bad grammar post being 'A British'. Speady, take a breath. Read your post thoroughly before responding to make sure it makes sense and try explaining the exact problem. Simply saying' I started yogbox then tekkit then ended up in a Vinilla world' isn't enough information. I'm also substituting the word vanilla for vinilla from now on, I think it's more pleasing on the eye.
  12. Disable AVG to download the update. You can enable it again after the update completes.
  13. Shittinell, did Skorp just post 6 times in a row? It's a record!