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  1. Hey check the VOltz country server thread

  2. I am hosting a private server for voltz. We will be recording and playing the game on a regular basis. Requirements: `MUST have both Skype and a Mic `CAN NOT be annoying - this is for youtube, so I don't want to be annoyed while filming `MUST be active - online at least once every two days. We can work out your schedule when you apply, but we wish to be active with our gameplay [play often, basically] `Be patient - Don't get angry with other users on the server, don't rage-quit because you get attacked, etc. Here are the rules etc. for the gamemode we are playing: RULES: 1) Each player will have their own seperate country 2) You may form alliances with other countries, but you are not allowed to join another country. If you and another player ally, you must announce it in chat [you may break an alliance at any time, but you must announce it] note: when adding me on skype, use the word potato [so i know that you read the rules 3) If you are going to declare war on another country, you must announce it 5 minutes before any attack 4) During war, anything is fair game [griefing, stealing, killing, window-licking] 5) A peace treaty may be negotiated: You can settle a treaty based on terms [for example, I'll go to peace with you if you give me 50 iron] 6) The world consists of a 300x300 square. 7) Most of the game will be spoken through chat [to preserve secrets], although you may call another leader at any time to discuss things [such as a joint-declratation of war] 8) The server will only be up when all three players are online for balancing reasons. 9) You are not allowed to trespass on another player’s property unless you are at war or permission has been granted. Edit: All you annoying idiot kids need to stop spamming my skype. Look when this post was made. Back in fucking may. Stop spamming my skype saying "OMG CAN I JOIN UR VOLTZ SERVER LOL POTATO"
  3. Awesome server, no rules, nuke everyone! For more info, contact greenetaylorv on skype