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  1. Oh, you actually calculated it? And still, a metal helmet on a minetrack hitting you would be pretty painful. And I calculated it being in the nether. Since distances are 8x shorter in the nether, it would be moving at 160 MPH there. And this is getting seriously off-topic. This guy wanted a way to turn EU into EMC by using it to power a quarry or something, how'd it get into talking about physics? Also, if minecraft was more realistic, if you had iron armor, water would rust it. Liquids would leak through open doors. You'd die because of thin air if you went too high up. Also,zombies would just kill you in one hit because they'd infect you.
  2. Actually, it depends. If you're counting by IRL hours, it could go thousands of blocks in an hour. If you're just counting ingame hours, yeah, nowhere near that. Well, I guess you could also use iron helmet for an example. But still. Having a helmet hurled at you at anything over 10 MPH would be PRETTY PAINFUL.
  3. You are right I guess with boosters, but did you forget these are the TEKKIT forums? I was thinking of using HS rails and HS boosters. Using those, I think getting hit by a minecart moving at a hundred miles per hour could do some serious damage to a person. Plus, it is possible to determine the approximate weight of a minecart, because it is 5 iron ingots. 9 iron ingots makes a cubic meter, so I'd guess it would weigh about 5/9ths as much as an iron block, and cubic meters of iron are PRETTY DARN HEAVY.
  4. Hmm, let's see- If minecraft had physics, hopping off a hundred block cliff into water would squish you, If minecraft had physics, if you wore heavy DM/RM/Nano/Diamond/Quantum/Iron/Gold armour, it would weigh you down and make you move slowly. If minecraft had physics, a track with constant booster rails every 1-5 blocks would speed up a cart until it reached its terminal velocity, and anything it hit would basically die instantly. Need more examples?
  5. Physics DO NOT BELONG IN MC. If they did, hopping off a hundred block cliff into 2 blocks of water would pulverise you and turn your items into goo and dust.
  6. Okay, but what if you used the electricity to power a supercompact pneumatic generator?
  7. What IS APS anyway? Plus, it's possible to turn electricity into pneumatic, just not very fast.
  8. MJ is sorta pneumatic, which is why you have engine generators to convert/
  9. I have no clue how people get those massive amounts of HV arrays. I mean, maybe super-factories could do it, but I personally just use quarries and dig for more stuff.
  10. Didn't this thread start out with someone who wanted to know how to set up a quarry or something to turn EU into EMC? If he wants that, then Energy-Source to Energy-Link to quarry and then diamondpipes filter out the stuff that needs to be processed
  11. Yes you did. Yes you did. Obsidian pipes can make this setup better if you don't want to spend DM on a black hole band, but otherwise you don't really need anything but EE. Similar auto-farms can be made using cactus or melon instead. I'm pretty sure it would even be possible to have an auto mushroom farm, but I think you'd need RP2 for that. Timer would have to be atleast 10 minutes or so, vanilla timers COULD do it but it would take a massive ton of them.
  12. Nope. Regular vanilla timers can do it as well, and blackhole band and gem of eternal density(So chest doesn't overflow til is full of RM) Pistons can harvest sugarcane. An RP2 timer setup could make it easier, but it's POSSIBLE to do it in vanilla.
  13. I guess you're right, BC and IC2 weren't DESIGNED to be used together, but it's mostly not that bad. I don't use water mills anyway. Just strainers. And for obsidian pipes? You don't HAVE to use them. You could go AFK at the exit and just camp there for a few hours until you have a full inventory. Or just use an alchemical chest with gem of eternal density and black hole band. See? A non-collector EMC farm that only needs EE.
  14. Water mills can also get water buckets from BC if set up correctly. And BC and IC2 did have some merging mods added to tekkit, so they are meant to be together. Although, if you're going to use BC, water strainers are better. If you just want mass-EMC anyway, there is a way to mass-gen EMC with vanilla items and EE alone, although RP2 red alloy wire/timers make it much faster, and a BC obsidian pipe is needed to make it full auto. How? Pistons on a timer harvesting sugarcane, pushing it into water, dropping it into obsidian pipe.
  15. Not ALL. Collectors aren't, auto cobble gens aren't(But if you're using obsidian pipes and BC pipes, NEVER use one of those. Unless you use pneumatics, a leak can crash a server), auto snow gens aren't. I guess it's just EE was never optimized to work with the rest of tekkit. BC and IC2 work perfectly together.
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