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  1. FIXED: problem was with vault causing some form of exception. Server should be up now.
  2. Note: We will be adding an economy and jobs to earn money very soon. We will be also adding many more plugins to come so feel free to request a plugin on the forum >>> www.tnegaming.com/tekkit
  3. TNE Tekkit - [Hardcore PVP Tekkit Server] - "The sky is the limit." Thank you to all who have played with us but due to lack of donations, we have had to close down. Once we have the funds we will be starting up another server but this time it shall be a vanilla minecraft server. Go to www.tnegaming.com/tekkit and keep an eye out for updates on the new server and it's launch date
  4. No =[ at least I hope not lol. I just don't understand because ive posted a server post before the moderation process came into being. It was considered perfectly fine then =/ Not only does my post get deleted though, it takes the moderation team a few days to do so... So I'm left wondering if it will pass or not.
  5. I've read the rules of posting up a server and still can't manage to get the moderation to pass my post. I've included pictures, made the post engaging, haven't used offensive language and made the text stand out. I've also looked at other posts and they seem to have a similar amount of effort to them. I have no idea what else I can do... Any help is appreciated =/
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