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  1. Hello my IGN is axeboy_tf What do you wish to accomplish?: Im expert in the tekkit mods and stuff and i just want a nice server without griefers. I have also posted this thread because i have heard that you huys got a kind staff. Have you played IC2 or buildcraft?: I can anything in for IC2 and Buildcraft and that isn't a lie what is the purpose of a macerator?: It can macerate stuff like ores into 2 kinds of dusts that you can melt into a ingot for each dust. You can also set up a auto maceration and smeling system with buildcraft pipes. Recommendations(if you been invited): I have been invited by XieLiean Others things i should know: If i can join a town i can make anykind of factory even the unstackable items. I hope you guys will see this and i need a uu-matter source if i shall make a factory
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