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  1. I Removed the mod temporarily and everything works now, also allocated some more ram to it etc. Would I be able to put the mod back in the folder? Also thank you anyways!
  2. These are the Logs from today, I tried loading the pack numerous times and the last time it crashed.
  3. I can run and play Tekkit legends no problem but everytime i try and load the 64x Sphax PureBD TL resource pack the game freezes fora second then returns to the main menu screen with the default pack. It's not crashing or anything just not loading in and im not sure why. Does anyone know a solution or have the same problem? When I try to load it in game it crashes, not sure why. I was able to run the same thing on my iMac which has worse specs so im not sure what's going on. Here are the specs to my computer if it helps 8GB RAM / GTX 970 / AMD FX-4300 (3.8Ghz) / 1TB HDD
  4. Launcher Version: LATEST Operating System: 64 BIT Java Version: JAVA 7 LATEST Antivirus Program: MCAFEE Description of Problem: WHEN I CLICK RUN A LITTLE LOADING ERROR COMES UP SAYING THAT THE TECHNIC LAUNCHER UPDATER HAS STOPPED WORKING.(SORRY CAPS LOCKS) Error Messages: Error Log: no logs