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  1. I feel sorry for the biased profiling, want to be on my Tekkit server

    3.0.3 version


  2. I thought they were biased bastards

    1. abrachoo


      They probably are, I got hit just after they found out I was a brony.

  3. So theres a reason they Throw shit at us?

  4. a respected man

    1. GreenWolf13


      No you're not. That thread in the Whale Box has made you anything BUT a respected man.

  5. And still with a older computer it still has minor lag, not major unless a lag device is created Lag devices are banned Don't know the gb but it still works comfortably so I'm happy :] Happy 2008 edition iMac owner who could of done it on his 2011 iMac Yes I own 2 iMacs And getting a retina MacBook pro
  6. Did I mention I have all 3 essentials and lwc and we and world gaurd
  7. my server runs in a 2008 imac and it still runs like a champ
  8. My friends are on now a ok no problems and the ip works anyone can join now!!!!
  9. They typed in the public ip now and they said connection refused
  10. Thx I'm using my iPhone now so I'll do it when I he home Thank you sooooo much I'll post the public ip and hopefully good people like you will join
  11. Here I'll post the ip and port Ip Port 25565
  12. I tried all of them were windows review a lInk would help if u could find a Mac one
  13. So anyone can join if they put in the ip