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  1. Hmmm... We have build castles but never a medieval themed mansion. Thanks that may actually be fun to attempt to make :)
  2. Me and a friend recently decided to play through tekkit again. We have played through tekkit many MANY times and we have made all sorts of houses. Some worked and other did not. We are looking for a house style to build that we think will make this playthrough fun like the rest. Only issue is that we are stumped. Anyone have any cool ideas for house styles?
  3. Wtf??? Ok for some reason when Tekkit is fullscreen it shows none of NEI but when it is not in fullscreen it shows it.
  4. I do not care if i have TMI or NEI. All i care is that i can see the items on the side of my screen so i can check recipes for items.
  5. My friend just downloaded Tekkit and he has TMI on it by default.
  6. For some reason my too many items mod is missing. When I access my inventory I can't change the time, creative, rain and use the options in the upper left corner. But for some reason I can't access the item pannel on SSP or SMP(even when i'm OP). I have the options turned on and have tried changing all the options and it still will not appear. Any idea why it is not showing?
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