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  1. I FIXED IT! i accidentaly kicked my comp over and ever since it has worked! but in all seriousness i spawned and made a jetpack ( new ones) and i charegd em up and used them logged off hour later logged on and they still worked so i guess its over thank for the help everyone!
  2. god well i wish i knew that...haha sorry for being a noob if i dont get a real answer by today il make another account
  3. so i went to the IC2 forums and they all told me to come back here sayin tekkit most buggy thing ever...http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=7315
  4. Yeah i knew that they didnt make the mods but do you know an easier way to mabye get to some higher ups who can fix this its not like ive got the guy who made the mod number on speed dial...
  5. just for a last resort if you are desperate enough to try unistall himachi and tekkit server and reinstall just so you can say you tried everything or check again tomorrow and see if it fixed itself
  6. ok you are using himachi and your hosting your own server be on development evict everyone from your himachi and have them join back in restart your router and comp if that doesnt work then i have no idea
  7. so after unistalling and reinstalling everything but my launcher the problem is still there. torezu can the people who put this pack together do something about this bug?
  8. alrrrriiiigggghhhht thanks for the help im just going to reinstall everything haha
  9. no the red charge was just an example i just did a test where i fully charged it logged off logged back in and i still had to recharge it even tho it shows its full
  10. ok lets say im using my jetpack right? i check my inventory really quick before i log off i see the jetpack is at the red power level so it sill has some juice left. next time i log on and try to fly with that remaining juice it acts like as if i dont even have the jetpack on cant even leave the ground more than a jump so i rush over to the mfe and it still says i have the red charge put as soon as i put it in the charge drops completely to zero and i have to recharge the whole thing to fly could a pluggin be causing this?
  11. like it says it half way charged but wont fly so then i put it in the mfsu and it says its not charged so i have recharge it fully everytime i log on
  12. everytime i log in even thought charged i have to put it in the mfsu and recharge it
  13. well xylord for some reason i have to do what you said everytime i get on the server which is extremely ennoying got any other ideas can vault,werewolf,big trees, or essentials prevent flying?
  14. hey warpspeed10 thank for trying to help but it just was a cheated in jet pack glitch i just deleted the spawned one and created a legit one and its working fine now
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