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  1. I Was Apparently Banned For Hacking And I Wasnt Hacking -__- i spawned on top of the prison some how and i jumped off the side to get to spawn
  2. - Please Fill Out An Application In The Following Format - Why do you want to be a Moderator/Admin? I Love to Help people and i think it would be very fun How many hours per week you think you can dedicate to the server? Whenever you need me i am usually always on minecraft What experience do you have? i am a co -owner on a server and i always watch youtube videos on tekkit so i know alot of for tekkit What is your location? USA douglasville ga. What is your age? 15 turn 16 in 2 months14 turn 15 in4 months my skype is covington2000 if you need to get in contact with me just please state who you are when you add me (If ever needed i could make a facebook page for the server )
  3. wen i try to join it says "must have forge build #136 + (4096 fix) to connect to this server "
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