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  1. Alright, I still can't probably because I can't access the external IP. As long as other people can, it's fine. Thanks so much for the continued help!
  2. Alright, I have changed the link on the website from http://ss111.solder.serverpit.com/api/ to http://ss111.solder.serverpit.com/index.php/api/ even though they return the same data. The mirror_url and the repo url is set to http://ss111.solder.serverpit.com/modpacks/ And since I'm getting nowhere with this, here is my platform link: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/the-technomancer-modpack However, I would like to note that it took much longer to fetch modpack information via the launcher. But I still get the error? Can you successfully add my pack? Is my API return
  3. Well, I did that, but I still get an error. Should I remove my modpack and re add it?
  4. Even when relinking my Solder profile, unlinking and linking my modpack, and trying to add it to the Launcher again, I get that error. I'm not sure if you read this correctly, but I've been able to successfully link it to the Technic page, just not add my modpack to the launcher. Once again, thanks.
  5. Sorry, can you please expand on that? Should that be the link I use when I link Solder to my account? Because the returns the same data as ss111.solder.serverpit.com/api/ Or should I paste that into the Launcher? Which I just tried, and I still get the same error. Thanks for the help.
  6. Hi all! EDIT 1: By the way, I set up the YAML files before I realized that the updated version didn't use them... So yeah, they are just "there" EDIT 2: Could this possibly be caused by the fact that I can't view my Solder setup unless I use my internal IP while my friends not on my network can? EDIT 3: Just tested edit 2. My friend gets the same error. EDIT 4: So I started looking through the launcher's code, and that message is shown if all the following conditions are met: It doesn't have a mirror url It doesn't start with http:// or https:// EDIT 5: I've also noticed th
  7. Sadly, neither Minecraft nor CraftBukkit are optimized for dual-core and therefore can not take advantage of the second core. (Unless I'm really really late and it has been optimized. If so, please correct me.)
  8. If you issues a "/reload" command, it breaks crafting. Restart your server.
  9. If the items are disappearing from the spot in the crafting table where they retrieve it, then you issued a "/reload" command which breaks that. Only a server restart can fix that.
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