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  1. hi people! i might put together one last team. If you dont get a reply or a message from me right away, dont give up hope of getting in. as i only reach out to you when i see more than 3 people that fits the bill. this is because i want to set up a team before i let the team into the server, and one team can consist of as little as 3 players and no more than 5 (there can be 6 players on one team but only if the team has alot of inactivity due to players that cant be online to much or as some would say "has a life". if you want to help me out you can try to set up teams here before hand and reach out to me when you have a team set up but remember please try to get people that meet my requirements Thanks again for all the intrest you are showing for the server. We are having alot of fun and i can report that one of the teams has already had their base blown to bits 4 times Also i will be updating the original post with more info about what happens when you do join the server such as: Starting items, rules etc etc Best regards -Kenten91
  2. Im sorry Torezu! i forgot to change my post to the favor of the rules. ive edited the post now and im sorry for not following the guidlines the rules thread gave me i hope it looks better now :)
  3. Hi there! we have one more spot open for one more team! to answear your questions: - Voltz server (1.0.13) we just updated and might downgrade. depends on what works and what does not. - If you loose something due to an update or something like that i will spawn in the lost items! - i try to do 2 backups a day. so far we have not needed to load backups - you will get a grace period when you start a new team. normaly 1-2 days (realtime days) depends on what you need. you have to PM me with your ingame nicks so i can white-list you.
  4. hey kent, i havent been able to get server, can u send me a message with it so that i can join

  5. Our team (3) have left the server due to I cannot build because I keep being followed by Kaji and Hairy Check spawn for more info (unless they just destroyed the evidence) they also lead a creeper into the spawn house, I did try to patch up before I left because its a pretty decent server.

  6. for the time being we dont have essentials installed but if you can make yourself a bed your golden! i will add essentials at a later date! :)
  7. Hi! i saw your reply and will take you into consideration! :) the server will be ready tonight i hope so il post here on your profile page when its up :)

  8. Hi Jacob! I saw you reply on the post that i made about needing more players for a Voltz mayham. I need to know a few things before i can white-list you. Do you have a working mic? and where do you live in the world? just to know what time zone you are in? also how old are you? :)

  9. Hi Rasanchez! I saw your reply on the post that i made about needing more players for a voltz mayham. And if you are still interested id like to know a few things. Where do you live in the world? just to know what time zone you are in :) and also do you have a working Mic?

    1. rasanchez


      i live in the u.s.a in florida so i think its eastern time and ya i do got a mic
  10. Hi Disturbed! I saw your application on the thread that i created. And i was wondering if you still where interested in getting whitelisted on the server when its done? The server should be ready later today :) Also there is no problem at all that you are from New Zealand. If you still are interested just send me a message and il send you the server details as soon as its ready :) Have a nice day!

  11. Hi fellow Voltz fanatics! Myself and 3 friends are playing Voltz on a server that im hosting in Norway. We are looking to get a rivalry going with another group of players. And now we are hoping to find up to 6 more players to play against. The server will only have a couple of plugins installed. Im thinking Factions and something like treecapitator. I dont think we will have any banned items (maby the red matter explosives) not sure yet. Basicly what we want to do is have a war server with 2-3 factions. so the max players is going to be 10-13 players. atm we are 4 playing. We are a friendly and mature bunch of Men with explosives ready to have a full out war. Im going to host a Team Speak 3 server on the side so we have a place to talk, every faction will get a channel in the Teamspeak that they moderate. Also the Voltz server it self will be White-listed to ensure that we dont get randome players ingame griefing our server. If you are unsure about how your connection to the server will be i can tell you this, One of the players currently playing on my server is from Australia, and he has a very playable connection What you need to join the fun! - A working mic -Be mature at least (16) years of age. (since the average age so far is 23-24) -And have a good sence of humor (this is needed cus you might log in to see your base if not hidden well enough blown to bits) Rules! -No hax -No glitching or any kind of abuse of bugs such as dupes etc... -No Cheating texturepacks! -Be nice to other players! (ofc that does not mean you cant blow them to bits but you understand where im going with this rule) As you can see almost everything is allowed! How do i join? -Post here in the thread with your application or send me a message. -Just tell me alittle about yourself so i can at least get alittle knowlege about you and ofc if you meet the (What you need to join the fun!) part of the post! What we are looking to do is something like the Yogscast are doing with Voltz. If you have not seen it go have a look on youtube And last, The only one that will be oped is me. I can asure you that i will not be spawning in ANY items or anything like that. The only reason i have OP is incase someone get stuck or something like that happens. If you feel i left something important out on this post please do tell me and il answear you as quick as i can! :)
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