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  1. hi people! i might put together one last team. If you dont get a reply or a message from me right away, dont give up hope of getting in. as i only reach out to you when i see more than 3 people that fits the bill. this is because i want to set up a team before i let the team into the server, and one team can consist of as little as 3 players and no more than 5 (there can be 6 players on one team but only if the team has alot of inactivity due to players that cant be online to much or as some would say "has a life". if you want to help me out you can try to set up teams here before ha
  2. Im sorry Torezu! i forgot to change my post to the favor of the rules. ive edited the post now and im sorry for not following the guidlines the rules thread gave me i hope it looks better now :)
  3. Hi there! we have one more spot open for one more team! to answear your questions: - Voltz server (1.0.13) we just updated and might downgrade. depends on what works and what does not. - If you loose something due to an update or something like that i will spawn in the lost items! - i try to do 2 backups a day. so far we have not needed to load backups - you will get a grace period when you start a new team. normaly 1-2 days (realtime days) depends on what you need. you have to PM me with your ingame nicks so i can white-list you.
  4. hey kent, i havent been able to get server, can u send me a message with it so that i can join

  5. Our team (3) have left the server due to I cannot build because I keep being followed by Kaji and Hairy Check spawn for more info (unless they just destroyed the evidence) they also lead a creeper into the spawn house, I did try to patch up before I left because its a pretty decent server.

  6. for the time being we dont have essentials installed but if you can make yourself a bed your golden! i will add essentials at a later date! :)
  7. Hi! i saw your reply and will take you into consideration! :) the server will be ready tonight i hope so il post here on your profile page when its up :)

  8. Hi Jacob! I saw you reply on the post that i made about needing more players for a Voltz mayham. I need to know a few things before i can white-list you. Do you have a working mic? and where do you live in the world? just to know what time zone you are in? also how old are you? :)

  9. Hi Rasanchez! I saw your reply on the post that i made about needing more players for a voltz mayham. And if you are still interested id like to know a few things. Where do you live in the world? just to know what time zone you are in :) and also do you have a working Mic?

    1. rasanchez


      i live in the u.s.a in florida so i think its eastern time and ya i do got a mic

  10. Hi Disturbed! I saw your application on the thread that i created. And i was wondering if you still where interested in getting whitelisted on the server when its done? The server should be ready later today :) Also there is no problem at all that you are from New Zealand. If you still are interested just send me a message and il send you the server details as soon as its ready :) Have a nice day!

  11. Hi fellow Voltz fanatics! Myself and 3 friends are playing Voltz on a server that im hosting in Norway. We are looking to get a rivalry going with another group of players. And now we are hoping to find up to 6 more players to play against. The server will only have a couple of plugins installed. Im thinking Factions and something like treecapitator. I dont think we will have any banned items (maby the red matter explosives) not sure yet. Basicly what we want to do is have a war server with 2-3 factions. so the max players is going to be 10-13 players. atm we are 4 playing. We are a frie
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