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  1. Ok thanks Gamer, im glad to hear they're putting in an alternative system. I agree that its overpowered, i never said otherwise Do you have a link for your source? I tried their website but perhaps its the wrong one.
  2. Why was the Condenser removed? I had a look around for a change log to explain why but i cudnt find anything. In fact the EE website says that the Energy Condenser is still part of EE3. If it was removed just for Tekkit Lite then i think you're overstepping your bounds. Having this item is a choice that shud be made by the server admins. Im not gonna defend against it being overpowered but all the same, i want to know why it was removed.
  3. On the top layer, before the Quarry has started, fill up 2 sides with a line of water. When the first layer of blocks are dug, it will create a large pool of infinite water sources. Ive not had to fill an already dug Quarry so i don't care to think of a method for you, sorry.
  4. I already have. That server went down though unfortunately. I was running at around 1 HV per 30-40 minutes. You need 2 separate systems. One for solar panels, and another for Transformers. You can seed EMC via the sorting machine equally across all your seed Condensers. Personally i use diamond blocks. If i could show you i would but like i said, its gone. It took a couple days of work and lots of thinkin but its sure as hell possible. Try it, you might enjoy the challenge. RP2 Pneumatic Tubes are great for anything complicated like this.
  5. I had 4 diamond chests, one for ores, one for machinery, 1 for bars/valuables and 1 for random stuff/blocks. Have never needed more than that on any Tekkit server. Also, have u even been reading the replies? Nothing is lost, how do i spell this out for you really simple...
  6. The only thing that concerns me is that some people will have had no chance to transfer their stuff. Think about it, the announcement was made a mere 3 hours ago. In the US and western countries, most people at the weekend will just be waking up now as its like 9-10am (6-7am when announcement was made). I was lucky to have an hour to pack before everything was gone. If you reset a map you need to give 24 hours notice before you go ahead and remove the old one. If that accident was only temporary and we will actually have time to go through the portal at our leisure, please disregard the above.
  7. So the reason you were banned just so you know was because you wouldn't stop fighting over the prices that weren't even set yet you keep dragging it on and as for griefing no has had any problems with it so we didn't even need res in the first place i added it because a player wanted he didn't even have a problem with the price so trash talk me and my server all you want that's fine.

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