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  1. it would appear Daniel is not an expert...
  2. cant craft a peat bog and when i spawn in gets stuck at 21 bog earth when powered
  3. i have to use 32bit java as my computer and my tv's are joined its complicated.... but my OS is yes 64bit ;p
  4. Good day my friends. I am looking for people to help me make an awesome adventure map implementing tekkit, smart moving and forestry. to join my server my custom .tekkit folder is needed. If anyone has any cool ideas or is just interested in building please reply with the following. IGN: Age: Timezone: Skype: Tekkit Experience (1-10): Picture Of Build (Essential): Idea (If Any): YOU MUST HAVE SKYPE. Thanks. IWD P.S. Sorry if this is in the wrong topic section notify me and i will move it. :)
  5. none of them are working with tekkit might be cause i have smart moving
  6. Ramdor you are a true hero thank you so much for taking the time to help me.
  7. okay i got this far. i dumped all my id's. now what? Block. Name: tile.stone. ID: 1 Block. Name: tile.grass. ID: 2 Block. Name: tile.dirt. ID: 3 Block. Name: tile.stonebrick. ID: 4 Block. Name: tile.wood. ID: 5 Block. Name: tile.sapling. ID: 6 Block. Name: tile.bedrock. ID: 7 Block. Name: tile.water. ID: 8 Block. Name: tile.water. ID: 9 Block. Name: tile.lava. ID: 10 Block. Name: tile.lava. ID: 11 Block. Name: tile.sand. ID: 12 Block. Name: tile.gravel. ID: 13 Block. Name: tile.oreGold. ID: 14 Block. Name: tile.oreIron. ID: 15 Block. Name: tile.oreCoal. ID: 16 Block. Name
  8. ok sorry heres what i say we do. i give you my email or skype or whatever and you send me the client ee file you use and the server ee file you use? sound good cause i have no idea how to do stuff with item id's
  9. i can only dedicate 1.5GB which means i have 10.5 being unused
  10. Please help. i need a client patch that works and a server patch that works. thanks in advance
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