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  1. Never mind... found my mistake. I was trying to place Transport Pipes in it... And those aren't compatible with hollow block --" Thank you for answering.
  2. I've tried to place it after putting the block, before and even try to make an hollow block with a pipe or a wire in the crafting. When i try to put it after it's just like if i couldn't (invisible). I'll try to send a screenshot if i can
  3. Hello all, i've been checking on the RedPower2 recipe list to see what this mod brings and i found this: "Arranging 8 vertically sliced blockpieces in this pattern will give you 8 hollow pieces of the same thickness. Those are used if you want tubes or a jacketed wire to go through a wall without leaving a big gap." ΒΈ -http://nemesis.evalq.net/RedPower2/recipes.html#block_cut_triplecover And i tried, but it doesn't work. Could someone help me? (Not making it, but passing pipes and wires through it)
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