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  1. I saw that you had a BuildCraft server. Is it still up? If so, can I have the IP?

  2. Guy's, I hate to say it but, the server closed a month ago... sorry, forgot i had this post still open
  3. I am basically giving the reins of owning/operating to whoever might want to do so. I will no longer have any part of running it. My schedule is not suitable for running a server anymore, and giving it to someone will give them an opportunity to have an established player base as well as a map that is already set up and still very full of resources. If you're interested PM me.
  4. I own/operate a server known as Tekkit-love, and i need someone to take care of all of the day-to-day stuff as well as hosting it on your pc or a hosting site such as Tekkit Hosts (currently running it here). I can't find good staff and a lot of my regulars have gone back to school or started doing something else. BUT, I have some folks that are still on a lot and i want them to be able to still hang out together and finish their massive builds. My work schedule does not let me run the server to it's peak, and there has to be someone cool and very conscious of of others thoughts and ideas, not
  5. Some way, some how, Equivalent exchange got back into the mods folder. I did not see that, and in the post's title i said no EE. If you have lost things, please let me know.
  6. Pedonymous and JSniff, Both Whitelisted!!! sorry for the wait, had a long weekend at work... Welcome to Tekkit-Love! The map may be 2 months old, but there is sooo much left to dig up and find!
  7. Sorry about the wait, I had to work til 9pm. you are whitelisted though. I'll be on in the morning. 9am est. on my phone atm...
  8. You forgot 2 things Gyronimo, Age and you didn't read the rules... Guys, makes sure you read the rules carefully, or I can not whitelist you.
  9. If you can please re-read the rules carefully, I'll get ya whitelisted! I could really use some help with a massive project I am planning. If you have a good eye for detail and are able to imagine the finished project, put an app in and I'll get ya whitelisted a.s.a.p. For an idea of what I have in mind, Google the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, IL
  10. Sorry for the wait Nick, I was at work all day. Welcome to Tekkit-Love!!!
  11. Pinjaandrew, Whitelisted!!! Ill be here all day so I'll try to keep up with your guys' apps!
  12. Ryan, I'm gonna whitelist ya, but you will be watched to some degree. 1. For your record and 2. For your age. I've been running this server for the past 3 1/2 months and I've noticed that 15 is the best minimum age for maturity.
  13. Whitelisting you both! Thanks for reading them carefully.And by the way it's only used in a playful sense. We never mean any harm in using the word "pimp". It's just a colorful charecter i like to use. ;)
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