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  1. So are you runnign Tekkti Lite? Tekkit Classic? or just Tekkit?
  2. Ya same, im updating this page every 5 minutes when I am home!
  3. Hey classic mind if I come join you guys as well? just be mindful though I like to do a lot of security door systems that could end in your death if you screw up to many times with the password!
  4. IGN: Blobthegod Age:16 Experience with Tekkit: I have had about 2 years now, and can make a variety of stuff starting from, cow abusing machines all the way up to Anti-Redmatter armour systems How long you have been playing for: 2 years What you are good at (Buildings, etc.):Cow abusing machine (Ie.) Milk buckets are worth a lot of EMC) and an entire base dedicated to be protected from red matter suit wearers Why you think you would be a good addition to the server: I want to be able to get back into tekkit, and attempt to have my complex rebuilt and then, heavily fortified and then I wil
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