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  1. Whats posted above must be totally outdated or something because this is UNPLAYABLE, for the following reasons. The client crashes literally about every 10 minutes. Unless you want to read up manually on every mod in this BEFORE you even start playing don't bother with this server. The controls menu has been removed for some reason, so if you don't like the default controls its a pain in the ass just to play. The protected spawn area is MASSIVE about a 20-30 minute walk to get out of and if you get stuck in a 2 block deep hole you basically need to wait until you starve to death. The first time I walked out after about 15 minutes I fell in quicksand and since you cant interact with anything in anyway in the massive spawn area you die. You cant break wood without an axe so after dieing in the quicksand I lost all my stuff then had to try 2 more times to get out of the spawn area without starving to death then remembered that trees kill you for even looking at them without an axe so after I punched a tree until I died I finally set out again about an hour after first joining the server. Now its night, the spawn is full of hostile mobs that you cant attack because you're in the spawn area. You cant attack anything ,not even hostile mobs in the massive spawn area so if you lose your food they give you at the start you're almost guaranteed to starve every time you try to leave spawn, the only way I managed to get out was by finding apples left over by the world-gen. There is no NEI so there is no way to check what recipes have changed apparently the pickaxe recipe has changed with no way to figure out how to make one. The button to show your coordinates is missing so good luck finding your friends. Normal users have absolutely no commands not even the /help command so if you wanted to play with a friend or something good luck getting them to you after all they have all ^^^^ this to look forward to dealing with. So after all this I gave this server a couple more shots. Well I spawned and then waited for a minute to get a new wood axe, then a Minotaur ran up and killed me. Well I spawned and then waited for a minute to get a new wood axe, then I went into the rail station and was killed by a turret that was in there. Well I spawned and then waited for a minute to get a new wood axe, then a Minotaurus killed me from behind about 3 blocks from the axe machine. Well I spawned and then waited for a minute to get a new wood axe, then thinking the turret shot me because a mob was in the room I went back to the station and was killed again by the damn thing. Well I spawned and then waited for a minute to get a new wood axe, so finally I was able to make it out of spawn and finally chop some wood, the client then crashed, once respawned, I preceded to play mincraft like normal but ran onto some problems. Max stacks of items seems to be 32, great so now you get to make 2 times the trips to get rid of cobble. I have no idea how to make a pickaxe and there was nothing about it being changed from what I saw. There is No NEI so there is no way to check what recipes have changed upgraded my initial statement to reflect how unplayable this is. Time to boot up another profile so I can check spawn to see if they have posted SOMEWHERE how you are actually supposed to be able to play this. Well its been over 2 hours since I started on this server now and from what I can see the crafting recipes for wooden tools have all been removed except for the hoe...the fuck? Ok so after doing some more digging I found out you need to use some mod to make even basic tools so start making that stuff but one of the things I need requires a log and I turned all my logs into planks now I have no axe. So I figure I can just use my other account to bring me an axe and whatever else you spawn with right? Nope the button to show your coordinates is missing, good luck finding anyone or anything on this shit server. Finally 3 hours after I started on this server I figure out that I basically need to start out all over again because I didn't save 1 log. this server is so ass backwards. DONE, This server is pretty much useless It might as well be an adventure mode map with how restrictive it is, due to lack of player accessible features there is no way you could play this with a friend and from what I can tell no one actually plays this except the server admins.
  2. You need to use /sethome and /home now. the bed plugin is broken.
  3. New seed, not that it would matter its a different version of minecraft anyway.
  4. There are some banned things, so basically if the server doesn't let you use it, its banned.
  5. working on new tekkit server Ok the server is now up and running the latest recommended build of the new Tekkit. As of right now VIP don't have anything special, still figuring out what to give them. All the plugins should be the same so it should work exactly like the old server. As of right now few things are banned if stuff is abused I will start banning things.
  6. Now thats an idea, i'll look into that today and play on it a bit, If I like the mod i'll do it.
  7. Hey i love this server was i banned or is it down?

  8. Ok we need to figure out what do do with this server. We need to do one of the following 1. New world, Just reset the world and keep playing on Tekkit Classic 2. Switch to Tekkit Lite 3. Switch to normal minecraft 4. Server dies(no more server) If no one really posts anything then ill just figure everyone has moved on and let the server die
  9. You should have got the items, were you online when you donated?
  10. Well idk if the server is gonna make it, I need about $800 for bills and taxes and shit but I lost a bunch of money from people charge backing VIP, The fees from those chargebacks cost me more than I've made in the last 4 months of donations. And the video card of the server needs to be replaced and I don't even have money for the bills. I need $800 by the end of may or the server might be done for. I'm working outside of MC to get this but would appreciate help. Currently at about 500/800($-80 from donations). Donate to [email protected] on paypal.
  11. Sorry about that, its back up.
  12. OK so it turns out that asshole that charged back money cost me $100 in fees from his fucking credit card company. So I lost $120.
  13. server is back up, i guess it was locked up
  14. In related news I need 800 by the end of may or the server may go down. I will be working outside of minecraft to try to get this but if anyone can donate that would be awesome. currently at 232/800
  15. The server was down for a bit, its fixed now
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