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  1. IGN - Binarin Age - 22 Have you ever been banned? Why? - No, I've hardly played Minecraft on someone else's server. Experience with Tekkit? - Not that much, I've been playing some Technic Why do you want on the server? - It seems like a friendly server and EE is almost disabled. Lots of EE is disabled. Are you alright with this? - Yes!
  2. I thought it was working now, but actually... no. As soon as I start the launcher it changes the settings in the file back to 512
  3. Thanks for the response Torezu. I tried reducing it to 512 MB, because 768 did not show up in the list. And now it's lagging a little, so maybe I should try 768. How do I set my own values, that does not show up in the list?
  4. But... it seems to work better now when I changed to short sight range. But really don't like playing with a sight range below Normal.
  5. The highest values I could choose from was 1000 MB and 1536 MB, and as I wrote in the description increasing it to 1536 MB just made it worse.
  6. PS: When Minecraft ran out of memory, Java was using 1413 MB RAM. But I assume that is not only Minecraft but also stuff like OpenGL?
  7. Launcher Version: exe Operating System: Windows 7 Professional Java Version: Version 6 Update 33 Antivirus Program: Avast! Description of Problem: As I was playing the recommended modpack build (6.0.7 | 1.1) I used to get OOM (out of memory) too, but that was not so often. It was ok, it was playable. But now when I'm playing 6.1.1|1.2.3 the OOM comes much too often. In the options in the launcher I've selected 1GB to be allocated. If I increase it to 1536 MB it does not seem to start at all, that is probably because in the log it says it is actually allocating 247.5 MB. The error logs link is to the launchers log, starting 1GB, then 1536 MB (a couple of times) and then I reset it to 1GB. Error Messages: None Error Log: http://pastebin.com/cnNmNJJG
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