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  1. Whatever, I guess I'll go try to find help elsewhere. I didn't realize this forum was full of hostile fuckheads.
  2. Again, how I set up my server isn't really you business. And that's like saying a vanilla anarchy server isn't a legit anarchy server because the owner doesn't allow the use of Equivalent Exchange. I think you're coming around making assumptions, so let me just say, I'm not really worried about becoming successful. In fact, if no more than me and my friends play the game, I don't really give a fuck.
  3. People are allowed to have opinions. I didn't tell you you had to like the fact that I don't like them. Get real. And I guess it'd be tough shit, because, after all it is MY server. I'm not forcing ANYONE to play on it. My server is an anarchy server, meaning, no admins, no rules. The fact of the matter is if I want to turn off a feature on a mod, I don't really understand why it's anyone elses concern how I set up my server.
  4. I just find all the weird disproportionate blocks to be severely ugly, and even damaging to the Minecraft aesthetic. I enjoy RedPower for all the other things it does, but, personally I think the Microblocks are a terrible idea.
  5. Hey, I just started up a Tekkit server, and, I'm trying to figure out how to disable stuff. Most importantly I want to disable RedPower's MicroBlocks. (Not the whole mod, just that feature). Any help is greatly appreciated.
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