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  1. AS this is going on on our server, tekkit. This can probebly be fixed without this post. As to op: I will contact owner. I can't realy do much about it as of now.
  2. Wrong version of java or Anti-Virus program blocks it
  3. I would sugest reading the stickys, as this is a common problem. Solution: Go down to were you're time is and pull up the more icons thingy, Find the avg logo, and right click Select: Temoraly disable avg protection. Do what it tells you too, and select a time of 10 min. Start up techniclauncer Downlaod will work. Enable avg again.
  4. Title: external error. Java.lang.nullpointer Version: 3.0.3/3.0.4 OS: 64 windows Java Version: 7 jre version Description of Problem: Get the title as an error, after i spawned some x166 on a server Error Messages: external error. Java.lang.nullpointer Error Log: Module 5.2.4: IC2 Detected, creating MFE Cart and Energy Loader recipes. [15:56:31] [sEVERE] [EE2] Loaded EE2-IC2 Addon [15:56:31] [sEVERE] [EE2] Loaded EE2-IC2 Addon [15:56:31] [sEVERE] [EE2] Loaded EE2-IC2 Addon [15:56:31] [sEVERE] [EE2] Loaded EE2-IC2 Addon [15:56:31] [sEVERE] [EE2] Loaded EE2-RP2 Core Addon [15:56:31] [sEVERE] [EE2] Loaded EE2-RP2 Core Addon [15:56:31] [sEVERE] [EE2] Loaded EE2-RP2 World Addon [15:56:31] [sEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException [15:56:31] [sEVERE] at abs.b(SourceFile:227) [15:56:31] [sEVERE] at abl.a(SourceFile:29) [15:56:31] [sEVERE] at abs.a(SourceFile:155) [15:56:31] [sEVERE] at lg.e( [15:56:31] [sEVERE] at lg.c( [15:56:31] [sEVERE] at [15:56:32] [sEVERE] (MAtmos : INFO) Update version found: 11
  5. I am going to check the redstone now option now And we are both noobs at tekkit played it for 3 days that why 32-128-32 I have 400000 Eu/t in the MFE Problem fixed! It was the redstone option.
  6. Updated hpefullt you will understand it now :)
  7. I have a MFE setup to power my machines, i use a Lv-transformer to make the current 32 eu/t. Then my brother came and he wanted power so we tried to buff the power up agian to 128 eu/t, We usedcurrent that was already 32eu/t to make 128 eu/t, with the use of a lv-transformer. But then the MFE disided that it would not send any power out at all, (after we placed the 2nd lv-transformer) now we removed the 2nd transformer again, and it still wont send any power out. We use copper wire and it did work before i added the 2nd transformer, i have the same setup now as i did before and it still wont work