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  1. Rocket-propelled Chainsaw!

  2. Name/IGN: t0bster97 Age:16 Do you wish to join Anyon (starting town): No thanks Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? Yes What is the purpose of a macerator? Macerates 1 ore into 2 ore dust which can both be smelted into one ingot Recommendations: N/A Other things I should know: This server looks like the sort of thing I have been looking for, also I am trying to learn redpower2 :)
  3. IGN: t0bster97 Reason for wanting to become a member: After playing on this server for an hour, I can see that it is a very good tekkit server, which I have been looking for for some time. Why should we accept you: I'm respectful of rules, never greif and I generally know my stuff about tekkit.
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