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  1. I see the price is $200 each month... The majority of the players that i've noticed are around 12-16 of age (i might be wrong) Most of us dont have a job and i dont think parents aren't too willing to make donations toward a game So heres what i do... I head to any nearby convenience store, most likely Mac's in canada, 7-eleven(maybe) or Shoppers Drug Mart and grab a $50 visa/mastercard gift card that way i can make a donation(havent done so yet) out of the 80-100 players that play during weekends, we only really need 4-5 people a month to keep the server going. This is just an idea and it
  2. So i saw the staff app and why not give it a try Age: 15 Username: Xabies Yes i've been playing on ur server a few days befor the first ever reset(around august 17?) No i have not been banned Why should u choose me: First of all i've been with u guys for quit some time now. I've rarely broken a rule (c'mon now im sure everyone has greived atleast once) and that i can be on 2-3 hours on weekdays (i got school) from 3PM - 6/7PM EST and proberly the whole day during weekends. Since this is my first app for staff i dont really know much except for /ban and /kick lol but everything has a f
  3. Yes and i've been thru every reset with u guys. normally im not too fond of resets unless really necessary (corruption) but this reset is pretty neat with new ranks and all!
  4. IGN: Xabies Reason for wanting to become a member: My friend is a member, so why not apply (i also need to set home) Why should we accept you: I love tekkit, and i finally found a good server.
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