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  1. Sorry for the inactivity. things should be starting back up here soon! thanks for sticking with us.
  2. will be going to Disney next week. please follow xxEvilLazerxx As he will be hosting the server while I am gone. This may include a slight ip change. But same map/ same pack / everything will stay the same.
  3. Updates: To go between Servers Type /tpp (SERVER) Server Values: Factions World ( IW2 Original Server) Prison Hub Up and working Servers: World | Factions | Hub Prison Is nearly Done, But still WIP! Stay updated on the website! Http://industrialwar2.webs.com
  4. HEY GUYS!: The server will Be getting a HUGE overhaul this week. Currently we are adding Multiple worlds with different gameplay on each server. Some of the worlds we will be including is: Kfactions | Origional IW2 Nation Server | Minigame Server | (Prison) | Test / Creative world | PLEASE note that the Faction world is already done. If you would like to start your own faction, and build your own base like a regular Bukkit Faction server You can type /tpp Factions to go to the faction server. We will be building a server hub for easier access to each map. Along with these maps, we will be
  5. Changelog 1.9 ---------------------- Added 3 New sets of High Resistance Armour! 10 + New Craftable Items ! Fixed: Buildcraft Factory Item ID Mismatch - Sub 1.9.x - 1.9.2 - Fixes on New armour / Glitches. ======================================== remember to look at the website!!! Http://industrialwar2.webs.com
  6. Factions have merged. Only 2 nations are active Right now! Green & Red.! Ready your crafting benches, as your guns are going to be come rare!
  7. The server IP Address has changed. The new IP address is: Industrialwar2.hosthorde.net
  8. Server MAY be transferring Hosts soon. So be prepared for IP change. Update 1.6 To be released tonight!
  9. Fixing Scope bug: Fixing A few Recipe Bugs Fixing Claymore Icon Glitch ----------------------------------------------- Future projects: ICBM New Guns...... Round 2
  10. Changelog 1.5 ---------------------------------- Added Missing Flack Gun ammo Added UU matter Recipes Added Shapeless recipe to transfer Regular Oak logs into Apple Logs for gun crafting Added W1200 Incendiary Ammo to MW box Added Barret .50 Cal Explosive Ammo to MW box Fixed Personal safe recipe Fixed Metal cockpit recipe Fixed Nano Suit Helmet Recipe Hopefully fixed Iridium Drill Recipe 50 % DONE with New Spawn area ! --- Coming Soon Working on "Invasion / Raiding " methods this week Yellow Capitol was finished / set up Added Secret Easter Egg First to find it gets something
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