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  1. Server will be updating soon, once updated we will be making 100% improvements, lag going everything thats wrong will be gone! New map and making it more enjoyable for you. If you want anything added to the server please leave it here!
  2. Sorry about this but it's a plugin error that was encountered when we first launched the server, right now we re under going fixes. ThAnks Myles
  3. Come on guys theres loads of new stuff! We have a Casino to earn your moneys! A Mod and Spleef arena to enjoy with friends, also load of new friendly staff! If you would like to become a staff member please apply at:
  4. Our server is now fully fixed and back up and running come join today to see all the new things!:)
  5. The server changes will be taking place when Tekkit is out for Minecraft 1.3!
  6. We will be making huge changes to the server and they will be coming very very soon!
  7. Server IP: OTHER IP: /tpa IS ALLOWED! Our Website: Twitter: FaceBook: YouTube: Important players: [Owner]: MylesAbraham [Owner]: Hayhaycrusher [Owner]: DominicJack [Owner]: CheniceAmelia_X [Co-Owner]: oXInSaNiTyXo