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  1. Minecraft Name:MASTERINGS_SOUL Age:13 Country: usa Why do you want to join: i wana do it with a friend If you got MCbans, explain your bans: i don't have mcbans
  2. accepted so add me on skype(my skype is my name MASTERINGS_SOUL)
  3. i support duel wielding but just that(no duel wielding bows you can't pull back a bow with another bow in ur hand)
  4. i found this server thread last thursday and i wana do this server but it's never came online and there are only 2 servers for hack/mine and i don't like over complecated servers with lots of add ons(other one) iny idea when this one will come online or has it been shutdown for good
  5. 1 host me and a guest or 2 there is good reasoning to why i can't host fill in the questions below so i can see if we can do it ign: can you host: do you have skype: is the server hamachi(if you host) : can you use hamachi(if you don't host): do you have a mic: i would host but 3 problems 1 it wouldn't work i've tryed makeing a server before and every time i was the only one who could ever access it 2 idk how to mod a server 3 it would be hamachi if i even if i tryed if you can host and i pick you you choose 1 guest or 2 and i will then pick guests to join you will have a better chance at being picked if you have skype and a mic and a better chance at being picked host if it doesn't use hamachi(but it doesn't matter there i'm just thinking of pepole who don't have hamachi and don't want to download it)