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  1. New world started. This is going to be an Adventure map which will be livestreamed from start to finish. A link to apply to join the live stream will soon be posted in our forums once we have finally decided what to build.
  2. _slip. Welcome to Antzmine. We hope to see you on the server soon.
  3. HawaiianAce27. Our forums are where you will get a response. There is no need to dismantle machines. Just use a switch to turn them off. But ty for letting us know.
  4. Since we have in your words a "rude server" and in the 2 minutes you actually spent on our server gave you a great insight on how we do things maybe you could ask in our forums which are open to you. You have also only been silenced on our server. This may be a great opportunity for you to read our rules and information at spawn which believe it or not is there to help you.
  5. Your 4BIGNINJAS name has never been on our server. We can check up on names though to see if the name has any bans recorded against it. This is the outcome which only shows the information our admins receive. Your other name bozzminecrafter is clean as far as I can tell. My advise is to look after your accounts in the future.
  6. This is weird. If I do a manual check on McBans your name is clean. Click me. However, when I do an ingame command to check it shows you have a previous ban. This is what I get when I do the in game command.
  7. slenderhill. Welcome to Antzmine. 4BIGNINJAS. You wont be allowed on our server. I would also advise you to remove the telephone number for your own peace of mind.
  8. Small update on our first post to keep the Information up to date. Banned items list is also updated at our website.
  9. Hi adam238. We look forward to seeing you on our server. Thank you.
  10. Welcome Tiiggy to Antzmine. Thank you for the honesty. We look forward to seeing you on the server.
  11. Thank you JebKerman. Its good to see our web pages being used. They are all their to guide and help players enjoy our servers.
  12. A little project we was working on ended up a little to big to put frame motors on. Still, it turned out to be pretty effective.
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