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  1. We are messing around files, host stuff, fixing, and a secret juset wait until it's done.
  2. Fixed bugs. Let's go to server! ... What happened while I was offline. Its empty? Why?
  3. No, they're not. We only banned sugar cane becouse of lag. latest build DOES NOT WORK and its bugged like hell. I've tested it and got a ton and millions of errors with IC2 update. So until the build is more stable, we are staying. It's not laggy for me... try to do this: Think that "mypassword" is a variable, then, on your FIRST JOIN, do: /register mypassword mypassword then, on your NEXT LOGINS, do /login mypassword. Now replace "mypassword" from all the commands with a password of your choice. If it still does not work pm me and I will reset your password so you can tr
  4. Tempbanned. Looks like another user-vs-user problem that finished with a ban and a person blamming the server, like always. If someone griefs you then rage agaist he. Just don't rage about the server and strat spamming "THE OWNER SHOULD GET CANCER." becouse I can't control users, it's not server's fault.
  5. Supporter never was permanent. It's something like a missinterpretation of the users, or a typo on the automatic messages. I never saw anything saying that it were permanent.
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