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  1. Hello guys and gals of the server! The server is currently down due to snow where i live. As to when it will be backup.. Your guess is as good as mine. Sorry guys, I don't like it either. I'll post when the server is backup though :)
  2. Its back up guys! EliteNinja griefed the server and I'm guessing also crashed it. Sorry guys. He is now banned.
  3. The server is back up and on the new computer!! Hopefully better performance!! and stability!
  4. Alright so it might be another 20 minutes.. sorry guys. idk why Its being so stupid.
  5. Its set correctly or else you wouldnt even get an error. And i also already checked that
  6. As am I. Not sure whats going on as it was working earlier with the same settings.
  7. The new computer is definitely an upgrade. More than twice the performance of the current computer. So yeah. The server is back up!
  8. Sorry guys! The server will be down for another hour of this post. I am at work currently and there is nothing i can do. It seems the current computer cant handle everything thats being asked of it so i will be moving it to a different computer within a few hours. It will be a smooth process. Thanks for your patience!
  9. Haha yeah you got the IGN right I believe. It means in game name. I'll send you a message in a few minutes with the IP address! Thanks!
  10. Hello pixiedust, I will be sending you a message with the IP. Expect to be able to connect within 10 minutes. Thanks!
  11. Hello, thanks for your application!! I will message you the IP address in a few minutes.
  12. [EDIT] We are no longer accepting any players.[EDIT] [EDIT] The server is shutdown due to lack of player activity.[EDIT] Hello, I am hosting a simple Vanilla Hexxit Server. Just Hexxit, nothing disabled(right now). It is white-listed to keep griefers and immature people off of it. If you're looking for a quiet and friendly place to play Hexxit follow these steps: Post a reply to this thread with: IGN: Age: How long you've been playing Hexxit (doesn't really matter, newbies or veterans are well received): Maybe a picture of some previous builds(not necessary just enjoy seeing peoples builds, however it will help to show your maturity level in how you build): Why you want to play on this server: Format doesn't matter. Doesn't need to be fancy, just post the needed information. Server up time will hopefully be as close to 100% as possible. Its not running on the best computer but it is Linux and with 10-20 people it shouldn't be too bad. If you have been chosen I will message you the IP address. If anything about the server changes I will message you about it personally. [EDIT] We will soon be creating a team-speak server where the server announcements will be. If you are interested in joining it message me if you have been accepted onto the server. Thanks! [EDIT] Server Rules are as follows: No swearing or cursing or foul, immature humor. i.e. sexual humor, gay jokes, etc.. No griefing (obviously) which means no stealing from other people. Be friendly, makes for a nice game environment. Have fun! Its a game, its kinda the point. Don't do anything that you know will cause a lot of lag on the server. If there is a bug, don't exploit it. If you have any suggestions for the server please let me know(Yes this is a rule, I want to make this the best experience possible). If you find any bugs please be sure to report them as well. Don't spam the chat. Don't ask for Admin or any higher access than what you have. Don't create random, purposeless structures, i.e. Tard Pillars, holes to bedrock, left behind houses, etc.. Thanks for checking out my server page! Hope to hear from you soon :D
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