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  1. I smelted some Yellorite Ore and it turned into Uranium. I've looked up as much as I can on the mods but I find no connection. Are the item IDs just bugged or is this something that is normal? I was expecting ingots.
  2. Everything is back in order. Sorry, I was asleep and I could not bring it back up. It's fixed.
  3. whats happing with the server

  4. I have checked and PMed those who have gotten in. Seeking more, preferably night hours of US or EU/AUS/NZ players.
  5. I had attempted to do so, with the item ID/files, however EE doesn't necessarily have an easy way to do this. Removing their actual files causes crashes, and I had tried to edit them everyway I knew how but to no avail. The plugin thing would be my best bet.
  6. I've fixed it by removing EE2 and then re-adding it, however it takes away all EE in the world. There must be an easier way.
  7. Server's back up. Watch's of Flowing Time are gone, as well are pedestals. Obviously someone can't behave themselves, even after they're directly told no. Bans are coming.
  8. It wrecked my servers tickrate pretty much, and nobody can locate the pedestal. I've tried using world edit but the scale I need to work with will just crash the server. Has anyone had this issue? How can I locate the pedestal easier, or who has the watch? I've tried everything I know, any help would be nice.
  9. Happened earlier today as well. Just wait it out guys. ------ Continue to apply if you're interested in joining, we are accepting people
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