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  1. Here are some screenies of the set up. v
  2. LOL MISCOUNTED. I have 4 engines. Didn't see one by the Quarry. I have 2 right next to the quarry that are turned on, then I have a conductive teleport pipe recieving and sending 2 more engines. Theres 1 TP pipe in front of the quarry and the sender about 6 blocks away just to test it out. It works. I can see the light blueish laser go into the quarry.
  3. Alright, I'll turn them on and then update you guy's when they are hot.
  4. Yes they are. I have activated them. But the Quarry is not building.
  5. >Redstone signal >>As in like a lever? Yes I have. They all have stacks of coal in them.
  6. Title: Quarry frame not building Version: 3.0.3/3.0.4 OS: 64bit Windows 7 Dell Laptop Java Version: Version 7 Update 5 Description of Problem: I have 3 Steam Engines connected to my Quarry. It's got the area(black and yellow wires) but the frames are not building. I have op'd [buildcraft] but still nothing. He have tried destroying it and placing it again but nope. We tried updating the bukkit and tekkit, but yet again, to no avail. A little help here doc? Error Messages: N/A Error Log: N/A