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  1. Read the comments above before applying. TheTekkit is no longer in existence
  2. Just so you know, it was spartan's idea to grief his town. I may be his friend, but I won't let him screw me for his personal gain. We got bored and spartan was mad because his machines weren't working. I admit, I made a penis, but spartan gave redd the supplies to blow the reactor and all the money to buy the glowstone he was there when we made the penis and when he indirectly griefed his own land. He even said he was going to get us banned and I told him I hadn't done anything and wasn't willing to be banned for him. All three of us were on a Skype call. I'm sorry that I made a penis, but I did not help with anything else. Quite frankly, we were just upset that despite what we thought overdone grieving precautions, we still got griefed. Seeing as spartan was directly involved, there was no grieving! I recognize that I directly violated the rule about no sexual structures, but at the time, I only new the rules which are on this forum. Those rules do not include that one. I do not deserve to have my ban repealed, but thought you should know what actualy happened.
  3. IGN - ProfessionalBA Age -15 Have you ever been banned? Why? no Experience with Tekkit? About six months. Plenty of and be experience. Some red power compcraft and others Why do you want on the server? Last server got grieved and fell apart Lots of EE is disabled. Are you alright with this? Absolutely. EE is SO OP.
  4. My house was definately grieved. check my new post for a mostly complete list.
  5. AsphyxiatorSlove!! entire server griefed!! check website for spartan's and my posts!
  6. Whitelist Application: What is your minecraft Username? ProfessionalBA What do you plan to do once you join? Dominate with Spartan D34 and build EpicSauce How much experience have you had with tekkit? Too Much. It probably dropped me a few letter grades last year Have you read our rules? Ita Vero (yes)