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  1. It is very good to see that this was compromised and the modding community drama was kept relatively low. What happened it exactly what I was trying to say, and that was to get over what was gone, and figure out what was needed to get the functionality that was required, and once that was figured out the problem was resolved very quickly from what I saw in the discussion on github.
  2. In my opinion, this thread seems very childish. You go on saying how much you respect a certain modder and how you are good friends with him and all of that stuff, and then you say he makes one change to a mod and start raising up a shit storm about how he is such a crappy person, how he is trying to ruin someone else's mod, and how he is being greedy by wanting people to have to rely on buildcraft and not let other people add their own alternatives to it. Basically, in my eyes, you are being a drama queen in the modding community and you are trying to ruin a modder's reputation. Wait, isn't t
  3. No. It is not right. When people go to download something like this Mod Pack, which looks pretty proffesional, and they download the latest version of server and the latest version of the client, they should be able to just start up both and have it run flawlessly. There should be no catches where you have to go into some manual setting and change it. I run the launcher and say I want to run Tekkit, so it should work with the latest Tekkit server version. To be honest, I probably could have figured out what was wrong faster than it took me to find this thread, which was pretty fast. But there
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