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  1. Hi there, I have this issue where a few of my friends want to play vanilla (tbp, they want to play unmodded) and others want a server with tekkit and bells on. I know it is probably impossible to have one world that caters for all, but is there a way to at least share the experience like piping all chat from both worlds together? So that they can talk (and keep the community together) and see all of the logged in people on both servers? I am open for other suggestions, but I really want to keep this group together. If they can choose what server they play on but still have one unifi
  2. He's with ea in some imaginary think tank. But I think it's basically ea paying him not to make any games.
  3. Reading up his tweets he said he's going to do something with java. Let's pray it ain't Mojang.
  4. I really think no company can afford these shenanigans like EA. A company is normally founded with the intent of selling a good product. Of course we could say every X out of Y businesses are founded to extort buyers and alienate programming staff but if I look at other companies like Valve I say in confidence that the death of EA will make the competition think twice about how to treat customers and employees. I don't think we can change the world so that there will be no more upsetting practices but I live on the assumption that the capitalist system works and that it takes out the ba
  5. Lol you guys really think any company could actually do worse?! Roflcopter.
  6. I'd love to read about Will Wright buying back the franchises he started. I'd seriously light a fat Cuban that day.
  7. True, but the demise of ea will send a strong signal to others of the 'what deffo not to do'-type. I don't see anything wrong with that. Also if that vault opens and good firms can start working on those franchises and titles I'm sure the coders will find work again soon. For the greater good of the gaming industry consumers I say burn the witch.
  8. That is the PR equivalent of putting a double barrel shotgun in your mouth... What a dreadful fail.
  9. It's strange however. They used to do this well, I had to bulldoze neighborhoods or industrial areas to change the focus of the involved sims. Traffic was foul sometimes but followed a certain logic and was manageable. The rush hour update showed maxis' attention for traffic simulation, even. I'm baffled by the intense torpedo to the flank this franchise took, right in the bulkhead. Dreadful.
  10. Pfft that is just insane... What a laughing stock of an end product is that. But weren't they busy fixing the traffic now?
  11. Why would ea disable your account? I mean... Is it likely? (I never used it and don't think I will ever)
  12. So how is it now with this? I mean, it's been a while, and either ea paid everyone to shut up about it or there is nothing to report. I also haven't seen any sales figures so I have no idea if this one is flopping hard. I still have no urge to buy it whatsoever myself, but a friend of mine seemed satisfied with the game. I did notice he's quite rapidly moved on to other games to play so I don't think it's as good as any other simcity game, though...
  13. I really like this little secret code thing. When I applied I was like 'as if this is going to help' but its staggering how many people fail at it. :)
  14. You don't look at age at all. Second time I see you clearing 13/14/15/16 year olds, schou. :)
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