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  1. The reason it's 16x16 is because 1: It's my first tex pack, and 2: I want it to be useable by anyone in the universe that plays MC or Tekkit.
  2. *Looks both ways* I am silently working on a tex pack, slowly but surely. It is 16x16. The style is post-apocalyptic and it still retains a good Minecrafty feel while still having a very distinct look. Atm I am fighting with mycelium on what to do with it
  3. Alright I have it a try, and it doesnt work properly, the Wedge generator shows no changes to the terrain when generated, nor does it show options for custom ores.
  4. Alright, when I get a chance(or feel like it) I will test wedge+tekkit in ssp generation.
  5. Well obviously you guys forgot something. The plan for this world generation is that it generates a large enough area to support a large Canyon PvP arena, and within the arena the players have to stay. So the whole reverting to norm generation is not a big deal at all.
  6. I believe a good solution would be to strap it to tekkit, then generate a world in singleplayer, and when that is done, move it to the server.
  7. Wedge seems interesting.... But is it compatible with tekkit? I am planning on working with some friends for a private PvP game, the increased height and modified ore distribution were to help when we use voxelsniper to dig a massive canyon area for the arena.
  8. I would like to know if anyone is willing to create a modified world generator. It isnt much different, mainly what I want is for the ocean-level to be at 128 instead of 64, that way It takes longer to go deep underground, I would also like for the ores to be a little larger. That is all, thank you.