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  1. Just quickly posting this question before I hit the hay so excuse me if it's worded weird. In multiplayer whenever I left-click on someone with the tracker it tracks them. That works fine and it will track them around the area just like it should. However, as soon as they teleport away (and I assume run far away?) the track is broken and it no-longer shows the compass. Is this intended? Or a bug that will be fixed? On the other hand, with what little I know about programming, isn't it nearly impossible to track an entity once it's out of the render distance? And finally... Would installing
  2. Ahh, I tried the miner trick in ssp and it worked! BUT, it was pretty slow. I'd need to build a lot of those to get enough cobble to create scrap fast. As for the sand/gravel, I thought that was all patched? I tried a few different methods in SSP and nothing worked. I'll keep the miner trick in mind for the future but I'm still on the hunt for the flint generator. Thanks!
  3. Right, I was thinking something like that but the only problem is that it wouldn't create infinite flint because it's either flint or gravel not both.
  4. Ok so I play on this Tekkit server and a group of people made a INFINITE fint generator that they use to make scrap for UU matter. I just have no idea how they do it! Things to note: EE is disabled, so no collectors. Buildcraft is disabled. Block breakers are disabled due to huge cobble to scrap generators (this is mainly why I'd like to have a flint one) I know, I am 99.9% sure it involves an ic2 miner. So, any ideas how?
  5. Well, yes and no. Within 10 blocks, no. But there are some in the chunk placed by some friends of mine. I heard that there was some deal about these, however, on a different server I have been able to log in and out next to a ton of machines (including advanced ones) with no problem.
  6. God dammit, I wasn't thinking.... thanks.
  7. Update: I tried redownloading everything, and no luck. It still crashes on login to a multiplayer server.
  8. Launcher/pack Version: Tekkit v 2.0 (Everything up to date) Operating System: Mac OS X 10.7.3 (64 bit kernel) Version of Java: V6 64 bit Description of Problem: The launcher works fine until I log into my server. After a few seconds it will white-screen then crash. Error Messages: N/A Link to pastebin of log: http://pastebin.com/w6RKa0GJ
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